Question: Can you get OkCupid for free?

Yes! Accounts on OkCupid are entirely free, forever, but we do have a few paid feature offerings. Messaging on OkCupid is completely free. Once you and someone else Like each other, you can send each other messages from your messaging page.

Is OkCupid Free 2020?

Is OkCupid free? The basic functions of the site are free. You can create a profile, check out whos in your area (or anywhere youd like to date) and message other users without paying for a subscription. There are 2 upgrade levels available – OkCupid Basic and OkCupid Premium.

How do I get free access on OkCupid?

How to Get OKCupid 1 Month Subscription for Free ?Open the App and Click on Gift Cards Option.On Sliding Banners you will see the Offer.Click on Banner and Purchase the Gift Card of okcupid.9 Oct 2020

How do you get unlimited likes on OkCupid?

If you want to keep liking profiles, you can upgrade to A-List. There is no daily limit on how many profile A-List members can like. But for best results, you should send some good messages to people youre interested in.

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