Question: Is there a red light district in Belize?

Although illegal, brothels are widespread in the country. Orange Walk Town is reputed to have the highest concentration of brothels. In June 2011, the countrys best known brothel, Rauls Rose Garden, was burnt down.

Does Belize get hurricanes?

The Atlantic Hurricane Season officially runs from June 1 until November 30 each calendar year, and tropical storms and hurricanes often threaten to hit Belize. In the past, major hurricanes have caused extensive damage, serious injuries, and deaths.

How much do you need to retire in Belize?

How much money do you need to retire in Belize? Belize is not the cheapest place to live in Central America but with the right planning expats can live a better life for less than the U.S. Currently you can live very well in Belize for between $2,875 to $3,075 a month.

Can you swim in Caye Caulker?

The main activities on Caye Caulker itself are strolling up and down the sand streets, and swimming and sunbathing off the docks. Youll find the waters edge rimmed with a nice wooden dock, and theres even a decent little patch of beach and a roped-off swimming area.

Is Caye Caulker worth visiting?

For whatever its worth its mostly noticeable on the side of the island where the water taxi docks, less so on the other side and not much in the middle. Its just part of life there but you just need to remember that this isnt a clean, plastic, pristine resort kind of place.

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