Question: What is a NHS login?

NHS login allows you to access lots of different health and care websites and apps with just one set of login details. You can securely access many digital health and care services with one email address and password. For more information visit the NHS login privacy policy.

What is a NHS login security code?

A six-digit security code will be sent by text message to their mobile phone. They will be prompted to enter this code and press continue. The patient now has verified ownership of an email address and mobile phone number. This means they have an NHS login with the lowest level of identity verification.

Where can I use my NHS login?

NHS login can be used by the public to securely access their health and care information wherever they see the NHS login button. People can use NHS login to prove who they are safely and securely and, in most cases, without the need to visit their GP.

How long does NHS App take to confirm identity?

How long does it take to check photo ID? After you send your photo I.D. and video, your photo ID will be carefully checked and should be done within 2 hours. If you send between 9pm and 9am it may take longer. We will let you know by email whether the ID check has been successful.

How do I get an NHS email account?

To get NHSmail, care homes need to make an online application at The form should be completed by one person on behalf of each site. Organisations are given a shared mailbox for each care home to use by people that need to message the organisation (rather a named person).

Is NHS App genuine?

Owned and run by the NHS, the NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

How do I log on to my account?

How to access and activate your NHSmail accountClick on the login button in the top right.Enter your new email address in the email address box: *.****** the password sent to your mobile phone in the password box.

Can I log into my nhs email account from home?

If you are accessing your NHSmail account from a non-corporate device i.e. a home computer, personally owned laptop or in an internet cafe, you should only access the service via the web at and not through an email programme such as Microsoft Outlook, unless you have explicit permission from your own

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