Question: Who is the richest in Westlife?

According to, Feehilys net worth is estimated to be around $2million (£1.6million). So, who is the richest Westlife member? Kian Egan currently has the highest net worth out of all his band members.

How old is Westlife now?

Shane Filan is 40, Mark Feehily is 39, Nicky Byrne is 41 and Kian Egan is 39. They will embark on their massive Stadiums in the Summer tour next year, with tickets available online now from Ticketmaster. The newly announced dates follow the news of a sell-out show at Wembley.

What happen to the 5th member of Westlife?

Westlife have revealed why Brian McFadden wont be joining them on their reunion tour. But six years later, Brian left the band and launched his own solo career. Speaking about his departure, Nicky explained that the reason why Brian isnt a part of the reunion tour is because he walked away from Westlife.

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