Question: Who prints the Evening Standard?

News International has won the contract to print the London Evening Standard, which means the free title will be moved from Associateds Harmsworths Quays site and be printed at NIs state-of-the-art Broxbourne site from early next year.

What political party does the Evening Standard Support?

Evening StandardEvening Standard cover (19 March 2020)Political alignmentConservativeLanguageEnglishHeadquartersNorthcliffe House, Derry Street, Kensington LondonCirculation787,447 (as of February 2020)8 more rows

Is the Evening Standard a newspaper?

The London Evening Standard is the highest-circulating quality free daily newspaper in the UK. An iconic London brand, the Standards paper, website and apps keep the capital up-to-date on the latest news, business, sport, features and entertainment.

What is Britains longest running newspaper?

In 1785 the Daily Universal Register was founded by John Walter. It became the Times on 1 January 1788 and is Britains oldest surviving newspaper with continuous daily publication.

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