Question: What does a party girl mean?

noun. a girl or woman who is interested in little else besides attending parties. a physically attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men. a prostitute.

What does party mean in slang?

Party = Into drugs. Stats= Having a filled out description for your profile (height, age, relationship status, interests).

What does it mean when someone calls you a party?

The called party (in some contexts called the B-Number) is a person who (or device that) answers a telephone call. The person who (or device that) initiates a telephone call is the calling party.

What is the Tina effect?

There is no alternative (TINA) was a slogan often used by the Conservative British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The phrase was used to signify Thatchers claim that the market economy is the only system that works, and that debate about this is over.

What do you call a person who lets you down?

Such a person might be called derisive or scornful. But people who are, or who think they are, more talented or knowledgeable than you in some area where you would like to excel might be called condescending or superior or patronising. Putting people down comes in many different flavours.

What is a pizza party in the army?

A Pizza Party is when you have an individual or group that required some incentive training e.g. not doing the correct task and are incentivized to correct the behavior by means of P.T. to the point of relieving their stomachs of all its contents on the deck, making it look like a pizza with all the toppings.

Where did the term pizza party come from?

According to the Associated Press, last week Allen was charged with solicitation of first-degree murder, in part thanks to investigators hunch that the “pizza party” Allen was planning would end in bloodshed. The gangs origin stems from the violent racial divisions splitting most American lockups.

Do people say party hard?

Party hearty and party hardy are not grammatical (although party hard is, as hard is an adverb that brings the proper grammatical unit to the party). So the expressions are considered idioms that break the rules of grammar, but, you know, it aint a party till something gets broken.

Is Pottying a real word?

Present participle of potty.

Is Pottying a Scrabble word?

Yes, potty is in the scrabble dictionary.

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