Question: Who Went Home Farmer wants a wife?

Who got sent home on Farmer wants a wife?

In a decision no one saw coming, frontrunner Hayley was sent home as Farmer Matt confessed he wasnt sure his feelings for her were strong enough. In a double whammy, Matt sent both Brydie and Jacqui packing so he could focus on his connection with the remaining ladies.

Which farmer left Farmer wants a wife?

But Rob Campbell ended up walking away the same way he came in — alone, failing to find that “lighting bolt” connection. Farmer Rob ultimately decided to head home alone. Farmer Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan have found love on Farmer Wants A Wife — and are still going strong.

Is Tara and Matt still together?

As many fans will know Farmer Wants A Wife was filmed late last year before the reunion episode took place in January. While Matt shared a finale photo with Tara after the episode, neither confirmed theyre still together or shared another photo together since.

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