Question: Is Chloe Ferry dating Wayne Lineker?

CHLOE Ferry has revealed that she has a secret boyfriend - but it isnt Wayne Lineker. The pair got tongues wagging when they pranked followers with a fake engagement after becoming close on Celebs Go Dating. However, Chloe insisted that her new guy has also got the Ferry family seal of approval.

Is Wayne Lineker and Chloe ferry together?

He and Chloe are definitely not engaged. The friend added: They got on really well when they met in Celebs Go Dating and will be mates for life. Wayne and Chloe left Celebs Go Dating fans baffled after claiming they had got engaged during the show.

How did Chloe ferry meet Wayne Lineker?

Chloe, 25, and Wayne met when they both appeared on Celebs Go Dating earlier this year. And at one point they even whipped up a social media storm with a fake engagement story which gathered traction with their army of fans.

Who does Chloe ferry go out with?

Hollyoaks star Owen Warner and Geordie Shores Chloe Ferry have appeared to confirm that they are in a relationship.

Who has Chloe ferry dated?

Chloe Ferry secretly dating Love Islands Jordan Hames after split from Hollyoaks star. Chloe Ferry is reportedly dating Love Island star Jordan Hames. The former Geordie Shore babe, 25, recently split from Hollyoaks hunk Owen Warner and she has apparently moved on with the 26-year-old BBC1 Xtra co-host.

Who is Chloe Ferry dating now 2021?

Chloe Ferry is reportedly dating Love Island star Jordan Hames.

How much does Chloe Ferry earn?

Magazine has estimated that Chloe Ferry has earned a fortune of £1 million through various TV appearances and social media deals.

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