Question: Does OurTime have a free trial?

If youre a single over the age of 50 and looking for love, then the Our Time free trial is the place to start. Tailored to the well-seasoned single, Our Time is the place to meet your special one without all of the drama of the other dating websites.

Can you join OurTime for free?

You can create your profile and access the main search engines free of charge, so that you can check out other singles profiles. You can also communicate by email or IM with members who have chosen the Connect upgrade. Free messaging is also available in the Around Me feature on our Apple and Android apps.

Which is better Silversingles or OurTime?

Silver Singles is even more niche than OurTime because not only is it meant for over-50 singles, but its also meant for highly educated, commitment-minded over-50 singles. So its not really that surprising that Silver Singles user base is smaller, to some degree.

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