Question: Why should I date a farmer?

Dating a farmer is amazing because they are unequivocally amazing human beings (at least mine is). Farmers are hard-working, helpful, persistent, gentle, loyal, protective and they are usually family guys. Farmers always have a lot of responsibilities that are extremely important to complete every single day.

Why do we love farmers?

1) Farmers produce the milk that makes Vermonts award-winning cheeses, butter, ice cream and yogurt. 2) Farmers open their land to recreation including snowmobiling, hiking and hunting. 3) Farmers provide us with fresh produce every day of the year. 4) Farmers make sure we never run out of maple creemees.

Why do farmers choose to be farmers?

We come to farming firstly out of a concern for the environment and for social justice: from wanting to protect and take care of our earth, and to help all people have access to high quality, nutritious food. Farming also appeals to us because of its connection to food and eating.

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