Question: What is TG in dating?

TG means Thank God!.

What does TG and EG stand for?

XL/TG means Extra Large/Tres Grande Tres Grande is French for Very large. Manufacturers who want to sell their products throughout Canada will provide labeling in French due to legal requirements for selling in Quebec.

What does TF and TG mean?

Acronym. Definition. TF/TG. Task Force/Task Group. Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

What is CD or Ts?

Response to Literature Writing TS = Topic Sentence CD = Concrete Detail CM.

What does XL TG eg mean?

Extra Grande XL - EG is a dual language tag. The EG means Extra Grande which is Spanish for XL. Spats.

What does TG TF transformation mean?

Edit. TG (short for Transgender, but implicitly, Transformed Gender) refers to a type of transformation where the target is a person of the male gender transforming into a member of the female gender; typically through magical changes.

What is CD not ts?

CD = Cross dresser. TS = Transexual. TG = Transgender. PRE = Pre-Op. Cheers.

What does TG mean in RL?

terrible game or too good. 2. Baconink. 3y. Probs terrible game as opposed to gg.

What is TG art?

We are TG ART We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles, and personality. We motivate students to develop better studying habits to succeed in school as well as encouraging extracurricular activities in art and sports.

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