Question: What is hinge and how does it work, and what are some examples?

2) How does Hinge work? The basics of Hinge are very similar to Tinder. When you sign up, you are presented with a list of fellow users according to criteria you specify (age, gender, physical proximity to you); if you like them and they like you back, youre matched and can message each other.

What happens when you like someone on Hinge?

When someone likes you, they have to match a certain thing on your profile, whether its liking a picture or commenting on one of your answers. You get a notification, and you can choose to reply, remove, or just click match and then leave them to initiate conversation.

How long do you have to respond on Hinge?

Many want to know how do you get people to reply on Hinge? But to always get it right, you need to know how long does it take people on Hinge to respond. If you try too hard and keep sending messages, you can leave a bad impression. So, wait for 24h to 48h for a reply after one message.

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