Question: Can you have an open relationship with someone you love?

In practice, open relationships can involve casual sexual relationships in addition to your primary relationship, or long-term, more romantic sexual relationships. Some consider open relationships to be a form of polyamory, while others think of polyamory as more of a group relationship/marriage situation.

Can you love someone and be in an open relationship?

An open relationship is one in which both parties arent exclusively dating each other. In other words, both people are openly allowed to have other sexual and/or romantic partners. Basically, if youre in an open relationship, youre okay with you and your partner having other love interests.

Can one sided open relationship work?

One-sided open relationships are about one of the partners experimenting with other people and the other one is not. But like all open-relationships one-sided open relationship rules say it is reversible. If the partners see its not working they can go back to being monogamous.

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