Question: Is Eastbourne safe to live?

Safety and Crime As one of the UKs happiest towns, Eastbourne is a community-centric place to live, but like any major UK town or city, crime does exist. The area is well-policed and according to official statistics, overall crime rates in Eastbourne are moderate.

Is Eastbourne a good place to live?

With an average crime rate of around 72 crimes per 1000 people, Eastbourne is considered to be a relatively safe town with similar figures to the national average. Crime here is higher than the Sussex average, although statistically safer than the likes of Brighton, Hastings and Crawley.

Is Eastbourne up and coming?

Eastbourne is the most popular Sussex town for Londoners to relocate in 2020. Eastbourne has been named the most popular Sussex place for Londoners to relocate to in 2020. A new study from estate agents Hamptons showed that an estimated 73,950 homes were bought outside the capital by Londoners looking to move away.

Is Eastbourne poor?

The level of deprivation in Eastbourne ranks third highest across the county, according to a new report by a Sussex charity. However the borough has now fallen below the national average since the Sussex Community Foundations first report on poverty published in 2013.

What is the crime rate in Eastbourne?

Eastbourne Compared to Nearby Major TownsMajor TownTotal CrimesCrime RateEastbourne8,64575.30Hastings8,82994.39

Is Eastbourne better than Hastings?

The verdict. Eastbourne just about wins this battle, but Hastings doesnt rank far behind. While Hastings may have the upper hand when it comes its cultural scene, Eastbournes landscape cant be beaten. However its a tougher call when it comes to the shops and restaurants in each town.

What is East Grinstead famous for?

East Grinstead House is the headquarters of the (UK and Ireland) Caravan Club. The town is the site of Queen Victoria Hospital, where famed plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe treated burns victims of World War II and formed the Guinea Pig Club.

Is the beach at Eastbourne Sandy?

Eastbourne offers more than 3 miles of vast shingle beaches offering sand, and in some cases rock pooling opportunities, at low tide.

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