Question: Is Taimi app good?

Is Taimi a good dating app?

Some studies have mentioned that Taimi is one of the safest dating apps for LGBTQI+ people. Recently, Taimi partnered up with UNAIDS and LGBT Foundation in support of a ground breaking LGBTI survey.

Is the Taimi app safe?

Taimi is a dating and social network made specifically for the needs of the LGBTQI+ community. It claims to be the most secure and reliable app on the market that caters to the rainbow community. It has a combination of free and premium services that is fit for every budget and need.

What does Taimi mean?

young tree Taimi means “young tree”, “sapling”.

What does rainbow like mean on Taimi?

A Rainbow Like is a very special kind of like. It will make your like stand out and increase your chances of getting a match! 💜 Rainbow Likes are a premium feature, which means they are accessible only to users on a subscription or trial. Gay chat.

What happens when someone blocks you on Taimi?

When you block someone, they immediately stop being able to see any content generated by you, including profile information, posts, stories, and streams. They will also lose the ability to contact you.

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