Question: How much does it cost to join BlackPeopleMeet com?

Does BlackPeopleMeet cost money?

How much does BlackPeopleMeet cost? Opening an account and creating your profile is completely free on the site. For everything else, users have to upgrade their account to a premium subscription, which starts at $4.19 per week.

Is BlackPeopleMeet a legit website?

BlackPeopleMeet has a consumer rating of 1.68 stars from 382 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about BlackPeopleMeet most frequently mention credit card, customer service and fake profiles problems.

Who owns BlackPeopleMeet?

American Capital Ltd. People Media is owned by American Capital Ltd. and other investors. Its 27 sites include,,, Together, the sites claim 255,000 paying subscriptions.

Can I join BlackPeopleMeet com?

Although the site is targeted towards African-Americans, anyone can join the website regardless of ethnicity. At Match Group, we know that making romantic connections is one of the most sensitive and personal ways people use the internet today.

How long has BlackPeopleMeet COM been in business?

2002 In 2002 was launched, marking the first of several targeted dating sites.

How do you delete BlackPeopleMeet?

How To Delete Your Black People Meet AccountStep #1: Click settings located at the top right section of your screen.Click my account from the drop down menu.Click the view account status link.Click the other account status changes link.Click the remove my profile link.Click neutral then continue.Step #8:More items

Who made BlackPeopleMeet?

In the beginning People Media, formerly known as Zencon Technologies LLC, was formed by two entrepreneurs based in Chandler, Arizona. In 2002 was launched, marking the first of several targeted dating sites.

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