Question: Is LivingSocial App Free?

LivingSocial is your guide to Discover and Save on great activities, events, dining, spas, salons, fitness, getaways and more. Plus, the LivingSocial mobile app is free and easy to use! Discover your next great experience or place - and Save- with the LivingSocial app.

Is LivingSocial still a thing?

LivingSocial, the Washington start-up that rode the daily deals craze to markets across the globe, has died as a stand-alone company. It was nearly 10 years old. Groupon, its chief rival, revealed last week that it acquired LivingSocials remains for $0.

Is there Groupon in Ireland?

Groupon is Irelands biggest daily deals site. Groupon has an extensive number of daily deals throughout Ireland and loads of shopping deals too!

Can I get my money back from LivingSocial?

Refunds and Returns We offer a no-quibble 14 day money back guarantee on all unredeemed vouchers (starting from the day after the day you receive your voucher) whereby if you originally paid in cash, you can receive a 100% cash or 100% Deal Credit or, if you paid using Deal Credit, you can receive a 100% Deal Credit.

Is there coupons in Ireland?

Couponing, stockpiling and bargain hunting in Ireland is quite difficult to do. Coupons havent taken off here in the same way as it has in the US, you will rarely get an item for less than 50% of the recommended retail price (RRP), and if you do, its unlikely youll get more than 1.

Does Groupon deliver to Ireland?

Groupon is becoming a marketplace for experiences. Because of this, we have decided to end our Goods marketplace in Ireland as of 14 August 2020. Any Goods items youve already purchased will ship as usual.

How do I cancel my LivingSocial account?

Deleting your LivingSocial account is easy. Please email and request that your account be deleted. Or, you can follow the steps below to contact customer service by email or live chat. Customer service will take care of the deletion request on their end and your account will be deleted.

Is Groupon and LivingSocial the same?

Although a competitor, LivingSocial is now owned by Groupon. It offers enticing coupon deals, with a focus on local travel and events. Launched in August 2009, LivingSocial says it now reaches more than 14.5 million subscribers around the world.

Where can I get discounts online?

11 Best Websites For Finding Coupons And Deals OnlineCapital One Shopping: Best browser extension for online shoppers.slickdeals: Best deal sharing community.Hip2Save: Find coupon codes, cash back offers, and more.ShopAtHome: Save and earn money.RetailMeNot: Get promo codes and coupons.More items •Jan 26, 2021

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