Question: Is GMX owned by Google?

Is GMX a Google account?

If youre using both Gmail and GMX Mail email addresses, you may find checking email in both places inconvenient. Fortunately, you can set up Gmail to retrieve your GMX email messages (and even send from your address) from within Gmail. In this way, you can use both services from just one interface.

Is GMX and Gmail the same?

Gmail has a website-style interface in the way users browse and manage their accounts. GMX, on the other hand, offers a more customizable, desktop-application-style environment similar to Outlook. GMX offers fewer settings for its users than Gmail, but the arrangement of tools and services is simpler.

Is GMX com legit? is a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation. Recent quality reports have classified with a low risk profile as most accounts originating from this domain are valid and safe.

Is GMX German?

GMX Internet Services, Inc. Founded in 1997, GMX is a subsidiary of United Internet AG, a stock-listed company in Germany, and a sister company to 1&1 Internet and Fasthosts Internet. In addition to an email address, each GMX account includes a Mail Collector, Address Book, Organizer, and File Storage.

Why do Germans use GMX?

It is traditionally the most reliant and fastest email service here in Germany. Also much older as Googles email services. Its a pure email service for most people with its basic features. Professional and business users can upgrade for more storage or to receive mails containing larger files.

GMX Mail The free mail service has been gaining popularity over the last few years, but its been around since 1997. Despite only having around 15 million active monthly users, it still comfortably makes the top ten of free email providers in terms of user numbers.

Does Germany use Gmail?

Google Germany has announced that its email service is now known as Gmail, meaning that Gmail is Gmail everywhere.

Do GMX accounts get deleted?

Your account data will be deleted after youve stopped using the affiliated email account, in accordance with the law. Content data is automatically deleted if you delete your files from the cloud (permanently from the trash) or after 180 days of an accounts inactivity, in accordance with GMXs Terms and Conditions.

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