Question: What is traditional Croatian food?

Peka. Popular throughout Croatia, this tender meat & vegetable dish is also called ispod čripnje (under the bell) – literally food that is cooked under a terracotta or iron lid over burning embers. Peka can include octopus, lamb, veal or chicken, and is often accompanied by potatoes.

What kind of meat do Croatians eat?

The countys long coastline gives it access to a wide range of seafood, making fish and shellfish very popular ingredients. Fresh seasonal and local vegetables and dishes of meat, including pork, lamb, and beef are all popular on Croatian menus.

Whats better Greece or Croatia?

For history and culture, very few places on earth can beat Greece. However Croatia is one of those countries that does give Greece a run for its money. Therefore more compact Croatia is probably a better destination for a shorter vacation, or for tourists looking to charter a sailing boat.

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