Question: Where is Take Me Out filmed?

Take Me Out is filmed in Kent at The Maidstone Studios, with spin off show Take Me Out: The Gossip visiting Rochester Castle and Canterbury this series.

Where is Take Me Out Fernandos filmed?

The truth is that filming takes place on Tenerifes northern coast in Puerto de la Cruz. It had previously been that contestants would stay in the Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden, but the new series has seen the lads and lasses taken to a private villa instead.

Is Fernandos a real place?

The Isle Of Fernandos IS a real place, and you can 100% go visit there if thats your jam. The Isle Of Fernandos isnt actually called the Isle Of Fernandos, mind you – it is in fact called Puerto de la Cruz, and its located on Tenerifes northern coast. Siam Park is the biggest water park in Tenerife.

Why is it called the Isle of Fernandos?

In case you have been living in a dreamworld, youll know that the Isle of Fernandos is Take Me Outs name for Tenerife. Jade explained that after being separated from her date, Ollie, the girls who were successful boarded an EasyJet flight together for a two night stay on the Spanish island.

What hotel do take me out use in Tenerife?

Hotel Botanico and oriental spa garden What is the hotel they used to use called? The five star Hotel Botanico and oriental spa garden is part of the A La Carte collection hotel was and the first in the Canaries to be crowned a leading hotel of the world, winner of Condé Nast Johannsens Awards for Excellence in 2014.

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