Question: Can you message on jdate for free?

Lets talk about the perks you get with your free trial and lets start with the most important of them all. You are able to respond to unlimited messages from Premium Jdate members free of charge. Yup, you heard us right. Youre actually given some direct messaging capabilities without ever paying a penny.

Can you send messages on JDate without paying?

As you can see, without a paid subscription your ability to communicate with other singles is limited – you cant send an icebreaker message to someone whose profile intrigues you.

What does the green dot mean on JDate?

You can also check out your Activity to see whos online; a green circle will appear on the profile card to show that someone is currently on the site. Find out if theyre active on Jdate: Recently active users are more likely to respond to messages.

What happens when you like someone on JDate?

If you click on the Heart, and that member has already Liked your profile, you will be notified of the Mutual Like. If you pass on a member in LookBook, they will not be notified. Only Mutual Likes are notified. Likes are universal all over the site, so you can like/unlike a profile at any time.

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