Question: How do you know if she just wants to be friends?

How do you know if someone wants to be just friends?

Signs someone wants to be your friendThey are eager to hang out. They are opening up to you. You have discovered things in common. They are introducing you to new people. You have inside jokes. They share things when youre apart. You start planning things months in advance. You give each other advice.More items •Mar 5, 2021

Is she just a friend or is she interested?

If shes in the friend zone with you, she may be open and not really care what you think. If shes interested in more than friendship, she will smile, gaze passionately into your eyes, and mimic your body language. She is keen when she waits for you to make your move and respond to her signs that she wants you.

How do you get a girl to change her mind about you?

How to Change a Womans Mind About You Do something nice for her. Make her laugh. Pay her an authentic compliment. Point out the things you have in common with her. Be honest with her about your feelings. Listen to what she has to say without interrupting. Keep your body language open and confident.More items

Can you change a girls mind about you?

Tell her how you feel. Let her know that you have serious feelings for her and you want to be in an exclusive relationship. If she needs time to think about it, give her that time. If she says shes not interested in a relationship with you, let her go and find somebody who is.

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