Question: Does tinder work in Russia?

As a result, expats living in Russia have an array of platforms to explore, depending on what they are seeking. Badoo, Tinder, and Mamba are currently the leading dating apps in Russia, according to AppAnnie data.

Which dating app is used in Russia?

In 2020, WhatsApp was the most popular social media messenger in Russia, with a usage index of 84 percent. Viber ranked second, used by over one-half of Russians who had it installed on their devices. The usage index of one of WhatsApps main competitors in the region - Telegram, was at 41 percent.

Is WhatsApp banned in Russia?

MOSCOW: Russia on Friday launched administrative proceedings against Facebooks WhatsApp for what it said was a failure to localise data of Russian users on Russian territory, the Interfax news agency reported. WhatsApp could be fined between 1 million and 6 million roubles, Interfax reported, citing court documents.

Can I use WhatsApp in Russia?

The most popular messaging app in Russia is Whatsapp. According to Statista, Whatsapp has 69 million monthly active users. However, Russians still manage to use this messaging app and the app has around 23.1 million monthly active users despite the fact that it is blocked.

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