Question: What is the meaning of perfect match?

1. Someone who is well suited to someone else, especially as a romantic partner. Were actually a perfect match for one another, despite our differences in personality—maybe even because of those differences. I think he would be a good match for you—just go on one date and see how you get on!

What is another word for perfect match?

List search24»perfect fit exp.13»perfect choice exp.12»perfect mate exp.11»soul sister exp.9»exact match exp. & n.16 more rows

How do you know youre not a match?

So here are some signs you and your partner might not belong together, according to experts.You Keep A Lot Of Things To Yourself To Avoid Conflict. You Feel The Need To Change Yourself To Make Your Partner Happy. You Cant Compromise. You Dont Really Trust Them. Your Fights Get Personal.More items •Jul 30, 2019

How can I call my life partner?

Babe(s) This is arguably the most common of all. Baby. This is the more intimate form of babe or babes, use this in the bedroom or when youre alone with your better half. Honey/hun. This next one is a bit old-school but is still going strong. Sweetheart/sweetie. Angel. Princess/Prince. Love. Dear.More items •Aug 15, 2014

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