Question: How long can you use Hinge for free?

Not right away. Try the free version for 30 days. Do so while also being active on 4 other dating apps. Swiping, scrolling, and liking profiles on five different online dating platforms will introduce you to an eclectic mix of women that you would never have found had you only been using a single dating app.

How long do you have to be inactive on Hinge?

14 days Chats that remain inactive for 14 days get collapsed down into a Hidden Chats section, allowing you to focus on chats youre invested in.

How does the free version of Hinge work?

The free version of Hinge offers you a limited number of likes per day, but with Hinges Preferred Membership, you can send unlimited likes per day. New users typically receive a free month of the Preferred Membership upon completing the profile.

Does a Hinge like expire?

Do Hinge Likes Expire. Hinge recycles profiles. If a profile reappears, its likely they saw your like and didnt do anything or they didnt see it yet because they have too many likes in their queue or decided to ignore you. Hinge Likes Dont Expire.

Is Hinge free worth it?

Is Hinge Preferred Worth It? Hinge Preferred is worth it if youre on Hinge to find a serious, committed relationship and you live in a big city with a lot of other users. Here are 3 reasons why the Hinge upgrade is worth the price: Hinges daily like limit for free users is 10.

Do inactive accounts show up on Hinge?

Matchmaker also will show you the Hinge profiles of people who are inactive or did a common blunder of thinking they deleted their account when really they only deleted the app from their phone. Like other dating apps, you have to delete your account within the app.

What can you do on Hinge for free?

The free version of Hinge enables a user to like no more than 10 users every 24 hours (see image above for when Hinge pumps the brakes on your daily likes). However, this is only the case if users have a complete profile. A complete profile is one that contains at least six photos.

Why did my like go away on Hinge?

If you see that someone liked your profile and then that like disappears, that means that the person deleted their Hinge profile.

Can you tell when someone has been on Hinge?

Similar to Tinder, Hinge doesnt show the Online status of users, there is no green dot or any sign. So it becomes very hard to find if someone is active or online on Hinge. Hinge is now gaining popularity day by day, and most of the people are using it to find their ideal match.

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