Question: What years were Browning shotguns made in Belgium?

History of the Browning Auto 5 FN produced the A5 in Belgium until 1975, with a brief break during World War II when production shifted to Remington from 1940-46, and lastly to Miroku in Japan starting in 1975 until the traditional A5 ceased production in 1999.

Where is the serial number on a Browning Auto 5?

Auto-5 Semi-Automatic ShotgunDateHistoric Information1940-1946From 1940 to 1946 production of the Auto-5 was turned over to Remington. Serial number is on the side of receiver. ABC for American made Version. (A=16 gauge, B-12 gauge, C=20 gauge)19471948194912 more rows

Which country is known as pit of Europe?

Belgium Belgium is known as the Cockpit of Europe.

Which country is known as the cockpit of Europe?

Belgium Belgium – Belgium is known as the cockpit of Europe, not because it has the headquarters of the European union, but because of the fact that it has been the battleground for Great Britain, Germany, France and Netherlands without these countries having any interest in Belgium.

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