Question: What happened to Dwarka after Krishna left?

After Krishna was killed near Dwarka (there is a temple where he died) the major Yadava heads fought among themselves and killed each other. Vishnu Purnana states that on the same day that Krishna departed from the earth the powerful dark bodied Kali Yug descended. The oceans rose and submerged the entire Dwarka.

Did Rukmini left Dwarka?

Rukmini at Pandharpur The story goes that once Radha disrespected Rukmini so she left Dwarka and acme to Dindirvan now known as Pandharpur. She was followed by Lord Krishna, his cows, Ganga, as well as Govardhan Parvat.

Why did Dwarka sink?

The ancient Indian city of Dwarka is known in Hindu culture to have been the great and beautiful city of Krishna. The Hindu writings say that when Krishna left the Earth to join the spiritual world, the age of Kali began and Dwarka and its inhabitants were submerged by the sea.

Did Radha ever go to Dwarka?

After being released from all the duties, Radha went to meet her Krishna for the last time. When she reached Dwarka, she heard about Krishnas marriage to Rukmini and Satyabhama but she did not feel sad. However, nobody knew Radha in Dwarka. She requested Krishna to appoint her as a Devika in the palace.

Who is more beautiful Rukmini or Satyabhama?

One day, Sage Narada came to Satyabhama and said that though she is beautiful and charming, Shri Krishna loves Rukmini more. Satyabhama was quite beautiful and loved and adored Krishna very much.

How Rukmini Ji died?

After the disappearance of Krishna, after the Yadu massacre, Rukmini along with Jambavati ascends herself on a pyre.

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