Question: Is it possible to date during residency?

Can you have a baby during residency?

Pregnancy during residency is not a new concept. In 1986, a study reported that 12% of women from Harvard-affiliated programs had at least one pregnancy during residency training (N Engl J Med 1986; 314:418).

How do kids get residency?

Slade shared their game plan, as well as advice for taking the stress and guesswork out of starting a family and maintaining a happy marriage during residency.Plan well. Make sure important things are taken care of ahead of time. Go on dates regularly. Take the initiative. Keep things light and in perspective.More items •28 Sep 2016

Can you get pregnant during medical school?

“I have some news to tell you,” I texted my friend. “Are you pregnant?” she replied. “No, Im going to try for medical school,” I wrote back, not at all surprised by her response since I had heard it so many times.

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