Question: What is the language of Taiwan?

Most Hakka speak Taiwanese and Mandarin, and some speak Japanese. After World War II the mainland Chinese-run government made Mandarin the official language, and it was used in the schools and in government. With democratization, other languages or dialects became more popular.

Is Taiwanese and Chinese the same language?

The languages Taiwanese use traditional characters in all written Chinese. Standard Chinese, which is a form of Mandarin Chinese, is the official language of China, and although there are differences between it and the Chinese spoken in Taiwan, both are quite similar. China is also home to many languages and dialects.

How many languages are spoken in Taiwan?

Taiwan technically has four national or official languages. These are Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hakka, and the Formosan languages (Taiwanese aboriginal languages) collectively. English is not an official language of Taiwan, but it is widely spoken and studied there.

Is Taiwan safe to visit now?

Taiwan is totally safe to visit right now. 2021s Global Peace Index put Taiwan 34th on a list of 163 countries.

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