Question: Who is richer Gary or Wayne Lineker?

Wayne Lineker, 58, is the younger brother of former professional footballer and Match of the Day presenter Gary, 60. Gary has a net worth of around £27million, but Wayne has also done well for himself as owner of multiple European nightclubs.

How much is Wayne Lineker?

Wayne Linekers Net Worth Despite the fact Wayne is certainly less frequently on our screens than his brother and football superstar Gary, Waynes net worth still sits at a staggering £30million due to the vast amount of nightclubs and bars he owns.

How much was Gary Lineker paid?

Yet despite taking a pay cut, Gary Lineker is still earning £1.36 million. Five of the six top earners - including Steve Wright, Huw Edwards and Question Time anchor Fiona Bruce - now earn less than they did last year. Radio 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan, in joint-fifth place, saw his salary increased by £15,000.

Who are the highest paid BBC presenters?

The BBCs top 10 highest earning on-air stars in 2020/21:Gary Lineker – £1.36m.Zoe Ball – £1.13m (accounting for voluntary pay cut midway through the year)Steve Wright – £465,000.Huw Edwards – £425,000.Fiona Bruce – £405,000.Stephen Nolan – £405,000.Lauren Laverne – £395,000.Vanessa Feltz – £390,000.More items •6 Jul 2021

How much does Fiona Bruce earn a year?

She volunteered to take a pay cut following an outcry over her salary last year, but still earns over £1 million for the Radio 2 breakfast show, according to the BBCs newly-published annual report for 2020-21. Her pay in the report stands at £1,130,000-,1,349,999, down from around £1.36m.

How did Wayne Lineker make his money?

But how did the millionaire get to where he is today? Wayne was born in Leicester and left school at the young age of 14 to work with his father. He helped him sell fruit and vegetables at food markets.

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