Question: Which country has the most Croatians?

What country are Croatians from?

Timeline. Linguistic evidence suggests that the Croats originate from northwestern Iran and spoke a language related to Iranian. By the time the Croats appear in historical documents, they are a Slavic nation. During the Avar expansion into the Balkans peninsula, the Croats moved into what is Croatia today.

How many Croatians live in Germany?

According to data from church institutions there are about 310,000 to 350,000 Croatians living in Germany.

Is Serbia in Germany?

Serbia has an embassy in Berlin and five general consulates (in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf). There are around 505,000 people of Serbian descent living in Germany .Country comparison.GermanySerbiaGovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional republicParliamentary republic10 more rows

Are Croatians rich?

ZAGREB, Sept 18 (Hina) – Croatia is ranked 33rd on a list of the worlds wealthiest countries, with net financial assets of 10,560 euros per capita in 2018, shows Allianzs tenth report on global wealth, published on Wednesday. The analysis shows that slightly more than a million Croatians belong to the middle class.

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