Question: How do guys act before they propose?

Nervous, panicked, sweaty…you get the idea. When hes going to propose, your man might start to act just a little weird. One of the biggest signs that he is going to propose is a change in his general attitude. Hell go out of his way to tell you how much he loves you.

How do you know if he will propose soon?

How do you know he is going to propose? Find out here!He starts asking you more about your future together. Other peoples weddings dont make him gag. Hes acting super nervous around you. Hes hiding his cell phone from you. He starts putting the toilet seat down. He starts spending more time with you.More items

Should you leave if he wont propose?

When a man doesnt want to commit and you do, leave him alone. If he doesnt try to get you back with a proposal, dont waste your time. If he asks whats going on, nonchalantly answer, I dont know if this relationship is for me. If he can live without you, you dont want him. Move on.

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