Question: Who Does Title IX apply to?

Title IX applies to all educational institutions, both public and private, that receive federal funds. Almost all private colleges and universities must abide by Title IX regulations because they receive federal funding through federal financial aid programs used by their students.

What does Title IX not apply to?

Title IX does not apply to schools that do not receive federal funding. This means that a private school or university that is entirely funded from sources that dont include the federal government isnt obligated to prohibit the same activities that Title IX prohibits.

What entities Does Title IX apply to?

Who must adhere to Title IX? Entities who receive Federal financial assistance and operate educational programs must adhere to Title IX. This applies to programs, services and activities offered by colleges, universities and other institutions that operate educational programs.

Does Title IX apply to non students?

Title IX protects all students at your school-including male and genderqueer students- from sexual violence and all types of sex discrimination.

What does a Title IX investigation look like?

A Title IX investigation examines allegations of sexual discrimination, harassment and assault, domestic violence, stalking or any other gender-based harm listed in the schools anti-discrimination policy. Because it examines policy violations, the investigation must occur independently of a legal investigation.

Are Title IX complaints confidential?

Confidentiality: Title IX is a non-confidential reporting office. The wishes of the Complainant are always considered and weighed against community safety.

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