Question: Does Gumtree work in Australia?

Gumtree is for Australian users only and is not designed for selling internationally. However, if youd like to target international buyers, you may want to list your products on eBay.

Is Gumtree in Australia?

Gumtree: Australias Free Marketplace. Find a car, job, furniture & more.

How do you buy from Gumtree Australia?

Before you can start buying and selling on Gumtree, you will need to create an account on the website. This way you will be able to send message to sellers and potential buyers via the website and not rely on calling them. Gumtree offers an option to sign in using your Facebook account or Google account.

Does eBay own Gumtree Australia?

Online shopping pioneer eBay has sold its classifieds business, including the secondhand selling platform Gumtree, to Adevinta, a major player in the secondhand marketplace space with digital platforms in 15 countries. Autotrader (automotive classifieds in Australia)

How do I speak to someone at Gumtree Australia?

Gumtree complaint contacts like Phone, email and support formComplaint via Phone number : 0843 504 7368.The Complaint via Email : via Support Form : Gumtree Support Form.Gumtree complaint website : Read: Foxtel Australia complaints number & email.More items •3 Oct 2019

How do I get the best from Gumtree?

Here are the top tips I took away for sellers:Lavish care on your listing. Use your own photos. Make it personal. People buy people. Pad your price a little. Dont be offended if people offer a lower price, but remember, you dont have to agree.More items •24 Jul 2018

Does eBay still own Gumtree?

In May 2005, Gumtree was acquired by eBays classifieds group for an undisclosed sum; however, eBay disclosed that it paid a collective $81.6 million for three classified sites: Gumtree, LoQUo and opusforum (with Gumtree being the largest).

How do I sell fast on Gumtree?

Gumtree selling guideTip #1: Describe every detail. Selling on Gumtree is easy but its important to get the right price for your items. Tip #2: Take lots of good pictures. Tip #3: Always be honest. Tip #4: Respond to messages quickly.11 Sep 2015

What is the most sold item on Gumtree?

Top 10 items in demand on GumtreeRide on mower – browsing increased by 19% vs September 2020.Caravan – browsing increased by 68% vs September 2020.Surfboard.Kayak.Fridge.Dining table.Lego.Outdoor furniture.More items •9 Nov 2020

Who bought eBay 2020?

Adevinta Adevinta buys eBays classifieds unit in $9.2 billion deal.

How does Gumtree delivery Work Australia?

Once you have agreed to a trade on Gumtree, obtain the pick up address (or delivery destination) and inform them youre booking a Sendle courier for shipping. Youll still need to confirm any agreed payments or details prior to the scheduled pick up time.

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