Question: How much is it to rent the whole Dodger Stadium?

Renting home plate for a wedding can cost anywhere from $1,000 (Coors Field) to $5,000 (Dodger Stadium). Renting the entire field can start at $25,000.

How much is a seat at Dodger Stadium?

Los Angeles Dodgers Ticket PricesSeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price2020Dodger Stadium$712019Dodger Stadium$442018Dodger Stadium$412017Dodger Stadium$256 more rows

How much does it cost to sit behind home plate at Dodger Stadium?

Dodgers home opener tickets for sale: $8,644 each. In the bleachers. A fan looks on during the pregame ceremony at Dodger Stadium for the Dodgers 2018 home opener against the San Francisco Giants.

How much are tickets for Dodgers opening day?

When the Dodgers play their first game at home against the Washington Nationals April 9, the average price of a ticket will be $215.58, up from the $56.45 the team charged for Opening Day 2019.

What are the best seats for a concert at Dodger Stadium?

Best Seats at Dodger Stadium The Best Seats for an LA Dodgers game are located in the Field Box sections behind the backstop and around the infield. If you cannot score tickets in those sections, any tickets in the Loge MVP level sections 101-136 are a great option as well.

How many seats are in the Dodger Stadium?

56,000 Dodger Stadium/Capacity The 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium has parking for 16,000 automobiles on 21 terraced lots adjacent to the same elevations as the six different seating levels.

Is Mary Hart a Dodgers fan?

She is a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and has performed the national anthem prior to games on several occasions. She can often be seen, from the centerfield camera, behind home plate at Dodger Stadium.

How much are front row seats at Dodger Stadium?

Fans paid a reported $37,804 ($10,000 more than the average annual per capita income in Los Angeles) for two front row seats to Game 1 at Dodger Stadium, and $72,008 for four seats in the second row behind the Dodger dugout.

Are Dodgers allowing fans?

Dodgers fans rejoice! Dodger Stadium is open to the public once again. Last season, the team rallied to a World Series championship with cardboard cutouts and piped-in crowd noise (surprisingly not the first time) because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Can I bring a backpack to Dodger Stadium?

Backpacks/Bags/Purses are no longer permitted. Only adult diaper bags, diaper bags that accompany infants, clear plastic bags smaller than 12”X12”X6”, and non-clear wristlets/clutches no larger than 5”x8”x2” are permitted and subject to search.

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