Question: Is Penelope bulimic?

Penelope says haughtily that shes not anorexic, shes bulimic, and only when shes throwing up—which reminds Junior of the way his dad says hes only an alcoholic when hes drunk. Junior finds all of this sexy, including Penelopes ego and her cinnamon-vomit breath.

Who does Arnold hear throwing up in the bathroom?

Sheridans history class, and the lecture is really boring. He leaves to go to the bathroom. Arnold does his business and starts popping zits. Thats when he hears vomiting sounds coming from the girls bathroom.

Does Penelope have bulimia?

Instead, Junior waits outside. Penelope comes out, chewing cinnamon gum to cover up the smell of vomit. Penelope says shes bulimic, not anorexic, and shes only bulimic when shes throwing up. This excuse reminds Junior of his dad saying hes only an alcoholic when hes drunk.

How does junior make Penelope cry Why do you think Penelope is afraid all the time?

Junior realizes that Penelope throws up because she wants to feel beautiful, and she wants to throw away her pain and loneliness. Junior knows that his dad reacts in the same way by drinking away his problems. Then Penelope starts to cry and talks about how lonely she is.

What is Penelope illness?

The specialist saw some other warning signs too, and recommended that the family seek care at Childrens National Hospital in Washington, D.C. Just two weeks later, Penelope was diagnosed with Down syndrome and complete atrioventricular canal defect.

What does Penelope want to do when she grows up?

She wants to see the world and all of its wonders. She longs to go to Stanford University and study architecture, to create something beautiful and memorable: Arnold, she said one day after school, I hate this little town. Its so small, too small.

Why is Penelope mean to Junior?

Penelopes interest and motivation to befriend Junior comes from something much deeper than curiosity about Juniors culture. She is motivated by loneliness and a desire for a real friendship. Because of her popularity, she is under intense social pressure to continue to be pretty and smart and popular.

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