Question: What is a hose end connector?

Never get frustrated with leaking or bursting hose fittings again! A Hose End Connector fits all standard size garden hoses (12mm). It works by clamping your hose securely into your hose fitting so it wont come apart.

What is a hose end?

A hose-end sprayer is a container/sprayer nozzle combination tool that allows liquid products to be mixed with water right at the end of a hose. This tool provides a fast and easy way for homeowners to apply liquid gardening products.

How does a hose connector work?

Tap and Hose Connectors Tap Connectors (1) are a very important part of the system as they turn your tap into the first point of the system. The Aquastop Connector stops water from coming out of the hose when no accessory is attached. This means that water is not wasted when changing accessories and you dont get wet.

What is the end piece of a hose called?

The technical term for this arrangement is a hose union. Spigots or sillcocks have male hose connectors only, and the mating end of a hose has a captive nut which fits the threads there.

Which end of hose is male?

On either end of the hose it has attached its own screw-on connectors. Male on one end, female on the other. The female end screws directly onto the garden tap.

How do you connect a hose connector?

0:130:59How to Use Hose Connectors - YouTubeYouTube

How do you fix the end of a male hose?

0:565:11How to Replace the End of a Garden Hose - YouTubeYouTube

How do you replace a nozzle on a hose?

0:522:55How To Fix A Broken Garden Hose Nozzle (DIY In Less Than 3 Minutes YouTube

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