Question: Who are the hosts of the Cool FM breakfast show?

How old is Rebecca McKinney?

The 33-year-old was rushed to hospital in February 2020, where she was diagnosed with life-threatening sepsis.

Who is Rebecca McKinney boyfriend?

Chris Smith One thing the boys have been teasing Rebecca a lot about lately is her love life, with constant references to loverboy from them both. After some coaxing from her co-hosts she finally revealed on air that Loverboy is her boyfriend of seven months, Chris Smith from Scotland.

Where is Melissa Riddell from?

Co Derry That new voice is their latest addition to the team, Melissa Riddell, who now hosts the stations Cool Goes Quiet show on weekdays from 10pm to 1am. The 24-year-old is a graduate of the Cool Academy and hails from Magherafelt, Co Derry.

Who owns Cool FM Northern Ireland?

Bauer Radio Cool FM/Owners Cool FM is an Independent Local Radio station based in Newtownards, Northern Ireland. The station is owned and operated by Bauer Radio and forms part of Bauers Hits Radio Network.

What was wrong with Rebecca McKinney?

Radio presenter Rebecca McKinney has hailed the doctors and nurses who saved her life after a recent health scare. The Breakfast show presenter on Cool FM returned to work on Monday where she revealed she had overcome a battle with sepsis.

Who is Rebecca McKinney?

Rebecca McKinney (33) is a fashion stylist and broadcaster who co-presents Cool FMs Pete Snodden In The Morning breakfast show.

Who is Melissa Riddell?

Melissa Riddell is the Cool FM radio presenter, influencer and brand ambassador who loves to chat and always has a smile. As an influencer she works with skincare company Dermalogica, BPerfect, the global brand from Northern Ireland, and has made a name for her fashion reels with River Island, Boohoo, PLT and Zalando.

What time is cool goes quiet?

11pm Cool Goes Quiet on air at 11pm. | Facebook.

Does Stuart Robinson own Cool FM?

Robinson is the Content Director of Downtown Radio, Cool FM and Downtown Country; this gives him control over the largest radio audience in Northern Ireland.

Why is Rebecca McKinney shielding?

The Breakfast show presenter on Cool FM returned to work on Monday where she revealed she had overcome a battle with sepsis. The 32-year-old explained that she had to make a dash to A&E after originally blaming her symptoms on asthma and anxiety but was later diagnosed with the potentially life-threatening condition.

What school did Rebecca McKinney go to?

Campbell College So he really saved my life.” After ten days at the Ulster Hospital Rebecca went to recuperate at her parents house in the grounds of Campbell College (where her father teaches) and then, having been put on the clinically vulnerable list, spent five months shielding at home.

Who presents Cool FM?

Cool FM PresentersPete Snodden. More.Paulo Ross. More.Rebecca McKinney. More.

Where is Stuart Robinson?

South Belfast Robinson lives in South Belfast and has two children, Holly and Glenn.

What age is Stuart Robinson?

42 years (June 20, 1979) Stuart Robinson/Age

Who owns Kiss FM Nigeria?

Choffan Communications Limited 98.9 Kiss FM, Lagos owned by Choffan Communications Limited.

Who is the owner of Wazobia FM in Nigeria?

Tatiana Moussalli Nouri Tatiana Moussalli Nouri is the CEO for Wazobia TV and Wazobia Max TV based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also the Deputy Group Managing Director of AIM Group, a multidisciplinary group that offer services in Architecture and Engineering Services, Broadcasting, Communications and Hospitality.

Who is Tiffany Brien?

Former Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien has quit Instagram due to online bullying from trolls. The fitness blogger and online brand influencer had over 64,000 followers on Instagram but closed her account yesterday saying she was the victim of bullying but claiming she had won.

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