Question: Where should a gooseneck hitch be placed?

Unlike standard ball hitches, gooseneck hitches are mounted inside the bed of a truck, in front of the rear axle, with the ball protruding from the truck bed. The installation of a gooseneck hitch requires that at least one hole be drilled into your truck bed.

Where should a gooseneck ball be mounted?

Measure where the gooseneck ball hole will need to be cut in your truck bed. The ball hole should be located above or slightly forward of the rear truck axle, and centered between the wheel wells.

Should a 5th wheel be level when towing?

Expert Reply: Being 1.2 inches high on your fifth wheel trailer should be just fine. Typically being within a couple inches of level will work just fine. Obviously being perfectly level is absolutely ideal, but in your situation you are close enough and would not have any issues.

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