Question: Which is the longest metro line outside of Delhi?

New Delhi: Delhi Metros Central Secretariat-Qutub Minar corridor will be inaugurated on Friday facilitating a smooth ride for lakhs of commuters in south Delhi. This will be the longest line of the Delhi Metro spanning 45 kilometres, connecting north Delhi to Gurgaon.

Which is the biggest line of Delhi Metro?

Pink Line With the opening of this important connection, the 59 km long Pink Line becomes the longest line of the Delhi Metro network. Passenger services on this section will begin at 3pm today, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) tweeted.

How many metro lines are there in Delhi?

10 Delhi MetroOverviewNumber of lines10Line numberRed Line – 1 Yellow Line – 2 Blue Line – 3/4 Green Line – 5 Violet Line – 6 Orange Line – Airport Pink Line – 7 Magenta Line – 8 Grey Line – 9Number of stations253Daily ridership4,720,168 (May–June 2019 average)21 more rows

How much of Delhi Metro is underground?

While Delhi Metro now has a total of 31 underground stations, Phase 3 alone will have 28 underground Metro stations. The total length of the underground corridor presently is 48.06 kilometres and Phase 3 alone will have underground corridors of 41.044 kilometres.

What is the cost of Delhi Metro?

The cost of Phase Two of Delhi Metro amounted to Rs187. 83bn ($2.63bn). JICA loan met 54.47% of the project cost, while the central and state governments contributed 16.39% each. The total estimated expenditure for phase three is Rs410.

Which is the most beautiful railway station in India?

Charbagh railway station Charbagh railway station is considered as the most beautiful railway station in India and refers to the four gardens that exist here.

Who made Metro in India?

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation The metro system is operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), a public sector company established by the Government of India and the Government of Delhi in March 1995. The project was developed in multiple phases. Phase one (65.11km) and phase two (124.9km) are completed, while phase three is currently underway.

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