Question: How much do Toby Jugs go for?

Are any Toby Jugs valuable?

If a Toby Jug, Toby Mug, or Character Jug was unexpectedly discontinued, the remaining pieces typically have a high value. The Clark Gable Character Jug is a good example. In 1984, Royal Doulton produced 2,000 Clark Gable Character Jugs to sell in the United States.

Are Toby Jugs still made?

Most Toby Jug manufacturers have discontinued making them as their popularity has ebbed during the 21st Century. Today, there are only three companies still producing Character and Toby Jugs, however if history is to repeat itself, one might look forward to a resurgence in the future.

Who invented the Toby Jug?

Staffordshire potters The original Toby Jug, with a brown salt glaze, was developed and popularised by Staffordshire potters in the 1760s. It is thought to be a development of similar Delft jugs that were produced in the Netherlands.

What is the purpose of a Toby Jug?

In the book and 1949 film Twelve OClock High a Toby Jug depicting Robin Hood is used as a signal in the officers club, to discreetly warn aircrews that there will be a mission the following day, without revealing this to outsiders who might be visiting. The Toby Jug plays a pivotal role in the film.

What does Toby mean in Scotland?

Scottish National Dictionary (1700–) TOBY, n. Also tobie, tobby. A stop-cock or valve in a water- or gas-main, gen. in a roadway at which the supply may be turned off, also applied to the covering, lid or box protecting it (Lth.

What is a Toby in cockney rhyming slang?

Toby means road in this context, but it isnt rhyming slang. It is derived from the language of Irish travellers who use the word tober to mean road. Another related expression is the toby meaning highway robbery. High toby meaning highway robbery on horseback.

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