Question: How do I get free traffic to my landing page?

How do I get traffic to my squeeze page?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page is to source traffic from your highest traffic organic pages. Typically these will be informative blogs or articles that are ranking for keywords and can be easily located using Google Analytics.

What makes a good squeeze page?

A squeeze page should act as an ultimatum for visitors – either take the offer or leave the page. It should be black and white (not literally though – color is actually pretty important!). In the same vein, content should be kept to a minimum on a squeeze page (at least above the fold – well get into that in a bit).

What is a squeeze page funnel?

A squeeze page is a simple but effective sales funnel for generating leads and growing your email list online. Typically, it consists of two pages (a landing page and a “thank you” page). This means that, in order to be effective, you need to incentivize your target market to give you their email address.

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